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Submission request to W3C (W3C Team Comment)

We, W3C member Hewlett-Packard, hereby submit to the Consortium the following specification, comprising the following document(s) attached hereto:
  1. RDQL - A Query Language for RDF

which collectively are referred to as "the submission". We request the submission be known as the RDQL submission.


This submission describes RDQL.

Change control

Should any changes be required to the document, we would expect to create a new version and resubmit to W3C.

Intellectual property Rights

Hewlett-Packard does not claim any Intellectual Property Rights over this submission if published by W3C.


Hewlett-Packard hereby grants to the W3C, a perpetual, nonexclusive, royalty-free, world-wide right and license under any Hewlett-Packard copyrights in this submission to copy, publish and distribute the contribution under the W3C document licenses.

Trade and Service Marks

The following are registered marks referred to in this request or the submission (state ownership and terms where known): There are no registered marks referred to.


Not applicable.

Suggested action

We suggest that the Consortium publish this submission.


The suggested action requires no resources.


Inquiries from the public or press about this submission should be directed to: Andy Seaborne (andy.seaborne@hp.com)


this (29th day of October, 2003),

Jim Bell, AC Rep for Hewlett-Packard Company