Errata for Cascading Style Sheets 3rd ed.

“Cascading Style Sheets – designing for the

Håkon Wium Lie & Bert Bos
Cascading Style Sheet – designing for the Web
(3rd edition) Addison-Wesley, 2005, ISBN 0321193121
With forewords by Robert Cailliau and Jeffrey Zeldman.

p. 42

Figures 2.7 and 2.8 are the same image. The first line of figure 2.7 (Bach's home page) should instead be in italic.

p. 43

In the sentence Say you want H1 elements to be in italic and the rest of the text to be normal, italic and normal are interchanged.

p. 74–75

Figures 4.11–13 have right-aligned text, although nothing in the example says so.

p. 76

Two of the four </SPAN> tags are missing their >.

p. 93

The bottom line of figure 5.4(b) (The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog) is shown in a proportional font. It should be a monospaced font (the same font as the letter pairs above it, but smaller).

p. 118

In the last paragraph, the second occurrence of NATO, BASIC, PIN, and NASA should have been printed in small-caps.

p. 145

The example with a monospaced font should look like this:

These words	have been aligned	with
tabs so that	the letters align	nicely?
p. 187

In figure 8.11, the third and fifth example should be, respectively

P.special {
  border-right: solid thick;
  border-bottom: solid;
  border-left: solid thick


P.special {
  border-top: solid;
  border-right: solid thick;
  border-bottom: solid
p. 194

The two examples use the wrong 'margin' property. The first one should read

IMG.face {
  float: left;
  margin: 3px 3px 3px 0 }

The second one should read

IMG.face {
  float: right;
  margin: 3px 0 3px 3px }
p. 224

First line: CSS predefines 17, not 16, color names.

p. 225

In the first paragraph, (100%, 0, 0) should be (100%, 0%, 0%)

Also, the situation in the third paragraph has improved since the text was written: 256 colors has become rare and 16 million colors is now the norm, although mobile phones may still stop at 4096 or 65,536 colors.

p. 228

On the fourth line, #ff000 should be #ff0000

p. 230

The colors in the sentence above the example don't agree with the example. The sentence should read: For example, in Figure 10.3, the words in the middle of the sentence are displayed in black on yellow by putting them in an EM element with color: black and background-color: yellow.

p. 235

In the first line, right should be center.

p. 249

In the style rules, margin-below is not a property, it should be margin-bottom (2×).

p. 251

In the parenthesized sentence (We use SPAN, not DIV […] see Figure 11.4), the reference is actually to Figure 11.3.

p. 292

At the end of the first sentence, 2em should be 4em.

p. 327 & p. 332

The property cell-spacing (three occurrences) doesn't exist. Meant is the property border-spacing, which is defined on page 333.

(With thanks to Amin Mohadjer, Bob Haskell, Yulia Gorlina, Del Merritt, Derek Lamb, Jeremy Ey and Raffaello Giulietti.)

Bert Bos
Created: October 9, 2005
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