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Testing Date Revision
NEGATED Attribute existence selector without declared namespace (ID #137) 2001-11-13 1.1

NOTE: The UA must support namespaces for this test.

This paragraph should have a green background. This paragraph should be unstyled.
@namespace a url(http://www.example.org/a);
@namespace b url(http://www.example.org/b);
@namespace html url(http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml);
*|q, *|r { display : block ; margin-bottom : 1em }
*|q { background-color : red }
div.stub *|*:not([|title]) { background-color : lime }
<div class="stub">
<q xmlns="http://www.example.org/a" a:title="si on chantait">This paragraph should have a green background.</q>
<r xmlns="http://www.example.org/a" title="si on chantait">This paragraph should be unstyled.</r>