CSS Namespaces Implementation Report

This is a report on the 2009-02-10 version of the CSS Namespaces test suite, a Release Candidate version of the official Test Suite.

The testable assertions in this brief specification are exercised by 23 tests.


Test Flags Firefox 3.5 Opera 10 Prince 7.0 Safari 4.0.4
1. Introduction
2. Conformance
2.1 Terminology
3. Declaring namespaces: the @namespace rule
3.1 Syntax
@namespace case-insensitivity passpassfailpass
duplicate @namespace declarations passpassfailpass
@namespace syntax with escapes passpassfailfail
string comparison (no URI resolving) passfailpasspass
@namespace default namespace syntax passpasspasspass
whitespace and comment handling passpasspassfail
@namespace url() with escape passpasspasspass
@namespace error handling invalidpassfailfailfail
@namespace string and url() syntax passpassfailpass
@namespace and invalid at-rules invalidpasspassfailfail
invalid ordering of @namespace and @import invalidpasspassfailfail
invalid URI passpasspasspass
@namespace and @charset passpassfailpass
escapes in prefix passpasspasspass
escaped vertical bar in qualified name passpassfailpass
3.2 Scope
scope <style> invalidpasspasspasspass
scope @import passpasspasspass
3.3 Declaring Prefixes
prefix case-sensitivity passpassfailpass
empty string prefix (Explicit element namespace) passfailfailpass
empty string prefix (Implied element namespace) passfailfailpass
empty string default namespace passpassfailfail
no default namespace passpassfailpass
no prefix passpassfailpass
4. CSS Qualified Names

Implementations tested