CSS2.1 Test Suite

Aural style sheets (0 tests)

Test Flags
A.1 The media types 'aural' and 'speech'
A.2 Introduction to aural style sheets
A.2.1 Angles
A.2.2 Times
A.2.3 Frequencies
A.3 Volume properties: 'volume'
A.4 Speaking properties: 'speak'
A.5 Pause properties: 'pause-before', 'pause-after', and 'pause'
A.6 Cue properties: 'cue-before', 'cue-after', and 'cue'
A.7 Mixing properties: 'play-during'
A.8 Spatial properties: 'azimuth' and 'elevation'
A.9 Voice characteristic properties: 'speech-rate', 'voice-family', 'pitch', 'pitch-range', 'stress', and 'richness'
A.10 Speech properties: 'speak-punctuation' and 'speak-numeral'
A.11 Audio rendering of tables
A.11.1 Speaking headers: the 'speak-header' property
A.12 Sample style sheet for HTML
A.13 Emacspeak