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Web Security Interest Group

Chairs: Adam Barth, Google; Virginie Galindo, Gemalto

Nearby: charter, mailing list archives

The mission of the Web Security Interest Group is to serve as a forum for discussions on improving standards and implementations to advance the security of the Web. To participate in the group, please join the public-web-security mailing list.

The group is designed as a forum for interested members of the broader Web community -- technology designers, implementors, and other interested parties -- to work toward improving specifications and implementations to advance security of the Web overall.

Interest Group Life

The IG is mainly working over the mailing list and has monthly call.

  • December 2013 call : detailed minutes and take away
  • January 2014 call : take away
  • March 2014 call : detailed minutes and take away including : Debrief of STRINT workshop / Security review and guideline / Understanding security technology : focus on FIDO / New security features : status on the 'secure services workshop'
  • May 2014 call : 6th of May, 08:00 San Francisco, 11:00 Boston, 15:00 UTC, 17:00 Paris time, 00:00 Séoul.

Agenda will include i) Status of IG progress, ii) Report from W3C Web Payment Workshop, with a special focus on identity, security and privacy, iii) Review of OWASP Top 10 threats, iv) Status on next W3C Workshop related to secure token and secure services, v) SysApp WG security model.

Note that all calls happen on zakim bridge +1.617.761.6200 with passcode 26634#; http://irc.w3.org #websec

Proposed Work Items for the Web Security IG

Note that a proposal of new working group has been proposed (based on TPAC breakout, pervasive surveillance) wiki