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Web Security Interest Group

Chairs: Adam Barth, Google; Virginie Galindo, Gemalto

Nearby: charter, mailing list archives

The mission of the Web Security Interest Group is to serve as a forum for discussions on improving standards and implementations to advance the security of the Web. To participate in the group, please join the public-web-security mailing list.

The group is designed as a forum for interested members of the broader Web community -- technology designers, implementors, and other interested parties -- to work toward improving specifications and implementations to advance security of the Web overall.

Interest Group Life

The IG is mainly working over the mailing list and has monthly call.

  • December 2013 call : detailed minutes and take away
  • January 2014 call : Tuesday 21 of January @ 17:00 UTC / 09:00 San Francisco / 12:00 Boston

- agenda : Status on potential joint work with IETF Security Area director (to be confirmed)/ Feedback from security discussion with W3C TAG / Reviewing the priority of the IG / Finding taskforce leaders for IG deliverables / Feel free to suggest any other item.

Note that calls happen on zakim bridge +1.617.761.6200 with passcode 26634#; http://irc.w3.org #websec

Proposed Work Items for the Web Security IG

Note that a proposal of new working group has been proposed (based on TPAC breakout, pervasive surveillance) wiki