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Authoring HTML 5

Today there was yet another revealing message on the public-html mailing list. Most of the people have difficulties to grasp what is parsed and what can be authored. This is an issue.

Sam Ruby (IBM) is saying in a message on December 6, 2007:

P.S. The reason I did not understand the original message is that I do see wbr mentioned in the current draft of the html5, and I don't see where it declares that it is an error.

Ian Hickson (Google), one of the two HTML 5 specification editors, is replying on February 13, 2008:

It's not a parse error, but there's no way to include it in an HTML document without violating the content models.

We really need to come up with a document for HTML 5 authors. I have written it a few times. This document needs to be written by Web designers, Web design agency workers, freelance, etc. It is not about creating a new language. One first step would be to extract all the content model of HTML 5. Lachlan Hunt (Opera) had started to put together what could be such a document: The Web Developer's Guide to HTML 5. It would be cool if a group of people were ready to work on this. Read carefully, working, here means editing a document, collecting comments, improving it, etc.

If you feel so, join the HTML WG.

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Boris # 2008-02-16


I would like to help you in your work, but I'm still learning HTML 4.0 Transitional. So, I think it would be no use if I try.

Good luck...

Remy # 2008-02-27

Hi all!

Im eager to help in this regard. I have good knowledge of HTML. If you need please contact. It can help you in full time also onsite

Good luck...

Karl Dubost Author Profile Page # 2008-03-02

To help, you just need to join the HTML WG and starts working on it. :)

Itay # 2008-03-09

No far=/ http://html5.validator.nu/?doc=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.rar.co.il%2Ffiles%2F1205059557.html&showsource=yes Why can I not do value "true" for readonly? It's looking better than readonly="readonly"..

Nir # 2008-03-09


I would like to ask a question.

In the HTML 5 specification I've seen that many new properties will take the values of true/false.

What I'm missing there is an update for the old properties (for example option tag's selected property that takes "selected" as its value) to take true/false values as well.

Did I miss it in the specification, or is there a reason that it's not there ?

Thanks in advance, Nir

Oreolek # 2008-04-08

I'm using HTML 3 and I'm happy! It's ideal.

Karl Dubost Author Profile Page # 2008-04-08

Maybe you are using HTML 3.2. There is no HTML 3 per se. I guess it depends on your needs, but I encourage you to look at the feature set of HTML 4.01 at least ;)

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