Agenda-Topics-References for QA F2F Meeting, October 8, 2002

Detailed Agenda

The overall schedule for all days is to start at 9am, and finish at 5pm. The meeting room and network will not be available other hours, however allegedly the wireless network is accessible from the hall outside.

Day 1, 08 October, 2002, detailed schedule:

Day 2, 09 October, 2002, detailed schedule:

Day 3, 10 October, 2002, detailed schedule:

Unscheduled topics

Open issues

Note. In brackets, [...], is the affected document, if any.

Non-SpecGL open issues.

SpecGL open issues:

These issues relate to OpsGuide and the pending "QAWG Process" document, therefore are postponed until the latter is drafted.


The meeting will focus on the published versions and latest WG versions of:

  1. Action Items List (
  2. Issues List (
  3. "Test Group" proposals: original, @@revised?
    • (
    • (@@second?)
  4. QA Framework documents (
  5. Guide to the W3C XML Specification ("XMLspec") DTD, Version 2.1 (
  6. QA Glossary (
  7. "A Week in QA," current edition (@@
  8. Reviews matrix (
  9. WCAG 2.0 requirements (,
  10. Spec-tech survey summary? (no new document, verbal presentation)
  11. Framework publication roadmap (
  12. @@new TestGL draft for Tokyo meeting?
  13. WCAG 2.0 draft (

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