When an object can support more operations than are defined in this specification, SHOWMETHOD allows a client to understand the interface to that operation sufficiently to allow the user to perform it interactively.

Required parameter field

This field contains only the method name about which the client is inquiring.


The methodname specified in the For-Method field must have been previously issued in a "Allowed:" field returned with the given object.

The client should specify in Accept: fields formats in which it can accept the result. Possibilities are completely machine-readable descriptions of the method, allowing automatic addition to menus, etc; forms in a form language which all a human to give parameters to the method, and a plain human-readable description of the method and its parameters which is useful for information only.


SHOWMETHOD returns, if possible, a form in a representation acceptable to the client. This form will contain instructions for ordering the operation, and fields for the parameters.

A suitable language for the form might be HTTP2, but any language may be used which is acceptable to the client.