Some correspondance about SEARCH:


How did the client know that the server could search for tex?  Maybe this server can only serach for text and GIF patterns, even though it gave out tex.  How can the client know that a GIF search is possible?  


I assume the following has happened:

client requests with ACCEPT: text/x-TeX

If the server, which it should if possible, replies with the doc
requested in ``TeX''.

Therefore a server can obviously do an ``internal representation'' to
``TeX'' conversion.

Since the server responded in a particular representation (ie TeX)
The client should be able to search in ``TeX'' provide the ``SEARCH''
method is in the required ALLOWED: section of the response.

The server should only respond with ALLOWED: SEARCH ... if it can do a
Tex to ``internal representation'' conversion for searching.

Fred Williams