From: Jeffrey Mogul <mogul>
Date: Thu, 12 Mar 98 14:44:39 PST
To: (Jim Gettys)
Cc: Paul Leach <>,
        "'Roy T. Fielding'" <>,
        Scott Lawrence <>,
        "''" <>,
        Larry Masinter <>, mogul
Subject: Re: Rev-03 of the HTTP/1.1 specification has been submitted...

FYI, I wrote a simple program to find the MUST/MAY/SHOULD and
must/may/should keywords in an ASCII file, and to mark each line
with what it contains (to make it easier to check for these).

-rev-03 has
        308 MUSTs, 100 MAYs, 215 SHOULDs
        55 musts, 254 mays, 120 shoulds

(Note: some of the "musts" might actually be occurrences of

Perhaps one remaining task should be to look at the "musts", "mays",
and "shoulds" to see if any of these are actually requirements that
accidentally got lower-cased.

For example, in section 14.9,

  Cache directives must be passed through by a proxy or gateway
  application, regardless of their significance to that application, since
  the directives may be applicable to all recipients along the
  request/response chain. It is not possible to specify a cache-directive
  for a specific cache.

I'm pretty sure that this "must" is really a MUST.  (The fault,
in this case, seems to be mine; I found "must" in my original
draft for this section.)

I'm willing to volunteer for some subset of the document,
but only if I'm not the only volunteer.