10 years after

The students of GRSP (Georgia Rotary Student Program) 89-87, inspired by a slightly larger gathering in Atlanta, held a reunion in Oslo in July 1996. On behalf of the natives..
.. Ole welcomed the visitors.
Some had changed their style..
.. others looked the same

Settling in

Each host was responsible for giving the guests a healthy breakfast. This is my proof that Emanuelle got food.
Not surprisingly, Stefi needed coffee more than geitost.
Surprisingly, Fredrik -- whose career is to defend the local agriculture -- also preferred coffee over milk (again, the image is my proof that he had options)


In Oslo, on a sunny day in the end of July, you go to the sea. Stefi and Chris, who both live in central Europe are a bit worried..
.. while Fredrik is looking for America
Who are these two? How much will they pay for the tape?


On the last night, the big party took place on one of the small islands in the Oslo fjord. The idyllic place belongs to Janchen. He's in the kitchen making preparing dinner right now, but you'll meet him later.
To the west we see the sun setting over Mount Kolsås. Did you know that Monet has painted this mountain?
if Monet had been here he would have painted the rainbow that appeared in the east.
Some new faces..
.. come along with familiar ones. Siv has found Ole Johan.
This section of the table is expecting in December!!


Shrimps are on the menu.
The natives starts dinner by demonstrating how to pill shrimps. You wouldn't want to be a shrimp in Marianne's hands..
.. you'd have no chance ..
hasta la vista!
While the others are eating, Siv is dancing.
Yummy stuff, Knut?
One would think there are endless supplies of shrimps..
.. right, Florian?


"Skål, Lars!"
"Schkål, Fredrik!"
"Sommer og sol, reker og lynol!"

Translation: "I'm so glad y'all could come!"

Some of the visitors adapts easily to the native customs
"My throat feels so weird!"
How much for the tape, you said?

«What's "politi", Henrik?»

Henrik has a speedboat. After dinner he goes racing. "Girls! watch me when I overtake the police boat!"
Of course, the fun does not last last. They are (quite literally) pulled over.
"What did we do wrong? We were just speeding in an unregistered boat without life jackets or fire extinguisher!"
"Do it again, Henrik!"


"Hey, don't turn that camera!!"
"It's good to be at the Y.M.C.A.!"
Finally, here's the owner of the hostel, Janchen.
So, where and when will w'all meet next time? Paris 2000? Will Helene be there then?