Château McChâng:

When Paddy and Christine got married

Paris, Feb 29 - Mar 3, 1996
Here's Paddy, my good old friend. He lives in Paris. He's getting married to Christine (you'll meet her later). Although we really like Christine (or maybe because) we're trying save Paddy from marriage by taking him to a bar the night before the wedding. That's what your friends are supposed to do when you get married, right? The bar is full of crucifixes.
Here's Roy, another friend of Paddy: .. are you really sure you want to do this.. remember never confess anything..!!
Next day, Paddy is still moving steadily towards marriage. His head obviously needs a little tune-up.
You havn't met Christine yet, but here's her left foot. She painted it herself. It's really good.
Leslie, another friend (there's lots of them) is trying to fix up the rest of Paddy. On the left, Christine is entering scene. Backwards. Welcome, Christine!
Here, the two of them are listening patiently to what the official representative of the 12eme ardonissment has to tell them.
The official representative.
The "oui" wasn't enough. Paddy has to sign..
.. and so does Christine.
Now that they're married, all combinations of bride, groom, best man, best mayor, w or w/o kiss, w or w/o David Sturman have to be photographed.
That's why the foreign press is here.
The confetti comes out and the party starts..

The party actually took place a few days later so that we should have enough time to find the place for celebration. Have you ever been lost in the Valée de Marne? It's a pretty place!

But talk about rewards when you find it: silk-screened champagne labels from Château McChâng.

The party was much more than a party. It was a weekend where everyone took part in preparing, eating, cleaning, walking and all the other things you do when you're in a wonderful house with group of wonderful people to celebrate a wonderful wedding.

We're now preparing for dinner. Watch this. In red you see the chef (really!) trying to find out whom to serve as the main dish. The two people on the right side do not notice what is happening..
Here, details are a bit blurred, but you will see that the chef (really!) is tasting the best man (my friend Joel) to see if he will be a good main dish. Notice that one of the other people (whom I later got to know as Mark) has fled. Andrew (with the goatie) has still not noticed. Joel didn't meet the chef's hard demands, so we ended up eating Andrew.
Even without cheating with the dinner table name tags (I swear, there were none), I ended up with three of Paddy's beautiful female friends around me. Here's Carolyn..
.. and Catja ..
.. and Eva (no, her name wasn't Eva, but she was from Argentina and we discussed Eva Pernod... ehh Peron.)
Roy was also there. We made no confessions.
Stop! Don't turn that camera...
Mark (who barely escaped the chef) is trying to give a speach. The champagne gets in the way.
Here's the proof that we didn't eat Joel for dinner. Instead, we got to listen to his speach.
Everyone is eating, while Tove (the foreign correspondent) is dancing on the table.
Washing up at 3AM is a very communal thing.
Here's what I would nomintate for the official wedding picture. Cheap video cameras will never give anyone a more beautiful picture. Right, Paddy?