Marketing & Communications

Photo of Xueyuan Jia

Xueyuan Jia Admin&Marcomm


Xueyuan Jia formally joined W3C administrative team and Marketing & communications team in May 2015.
Photo of Tanya Mandal

Tanya Mandal Marketing Fellow, W3C Marketing and Communications


Tanya joined the W3C Marketing and Communications Team as a Fellow on behalf of Internet Academy in December 2016.
Photo of Coralie Mercier

Coralie Mercier Head of W3C Marketing and Communications

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Since February 2015, Coralie took on the role of Head of W3C Marketing and Communications to develop messaging, Public, Member and internal communications.; manage the Consortium's Comm activities, including press, publications, branding, marketing, and some Member relations.

Coralie joined W3C in January 1999, as W3C Europe administrative assistant, with a degree in secretarial work and English as a foreign language. She became W3C Europe administration manager in 2001 and later she joined the W3C Communications Team part-time in 2005, and full-time in 2008. Her duties included Advisory Board scribe duties and meetings planning until 2017, W3C press clippings, management of Supporters Program applications, monitoring translators' list, being contact person for authorized translations. She was also involved in community development and outreach (microblogging, W3C blog, some developer community things). She was Incubator Activity Lead and then helped support W3C Community and Business Groups until 2017.

Photo of Karen Myers

Karen Myers Business Development Lead, Americas and Australia and Media and Analyst Relations


Karen Myers manages Membership recruiting activities for the Americas and Australia and oversees global media and analyst relations at W3C. She originally joined W3C July 2004 to support media relations, member communications, speaking engagements, and special assignments such as W3C10, the World Wide Web's ten year anniversary celebration. Prior to W3C, Karen ran her own company and also worked for marketing and communications agencies such as Leo Burnett Technology Group, where she established a ten-person strategic planning group in Boston, and managed a global client services team in Frankfurt, Germany. She has consulted for a diversity of technology clients including Akamai, Allaire, Aprisma, Axis, CMGI, Digital, Comdial,Computer Associates, Heidelberg, IBM, Information Builders, KPMG, and Unisys.
Photo of Amy van der Hiel

Amy van der Hiel Admin Team


Amy van der Hiel is the assistant to Tim Berners-Lee and part of the W3C Communications Team.

Before joining the W3C, Amy was the Assistant to the Director and Curatorial Associate at the Exhibitions Department of the Massachusetts College of Art, Boston. She has her Bachelors in Art History from Bard College, NY and her Masters in Art Education from Mansfield University, PA.

Photo of Olive Xu

Olive Xu China BizDev Lead & Marcomm Resources


Olive Xu comes onboard to the W3C/Beihang Host team from May 1, 2016 as Business Development Lead for great China regions and global Marketing Communication Resources. Her past experience are mainly focusing on the licensing, pricing, sales and business development which are in all directions of high tech service, product and solutions, those working background come from the Senior Licensing and Pricing Executive in Microsoft, Regional Services Sales manager in F5 Networks Inc., the Senior Business Development Manager for MS-Novell interop collaboration program in Microsoft China, the Advisory Territory Sales in IBM China and the Account Manager in Global One/Orange.
Photo of Naomi Yoshizawa

Naomi Yoshizawa


Naomi joined the team in July 2010 to provide member relations, administration, finance, contract and personnel at W3C/Keio University. She has newly joined MarComm team as well since 1 April 2015. Prior to joining W3C, Naomi worked at AT&T Japan as a manager of Marketing Communications for AT&T World Access. She worked on a team that created an innovative prepaid card, produced publications and bids for designs and developed sales channels. She was awarded a Grand Prize for Best Operations Coordinator in 1996.