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Bert Bos

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Bert Bos completed his Ph.D. in Groningen, The Netherlands, on a prototyping language for graphical user interfaces. He then went on to develop a browser targeted at humanities scholars, before joining the W3C at INRIA/Sophia-Antipolis in October 1995. He is co-inventor of CSS and created & led W3C's Internationalization activity. After working on HTML and XML, he is now leading the CSS and Mathematics activities.


Richard Ishida Activity Lead, I18n; I18n Core WG Staff contact; I18n IG Staff contact


Richard joined the W3C team in July 2002 to expand the work of the Internationalization Activity. He is attached to ERCIM in France, but based in the UK.

He is Internationalization Activity Lead and staff contact of the Internationalization Core Working Group. He also coordinated the MultilingualWeb initiative, and serves on the Unicode Editorial Committee, and the Unicode Conference board.

Richard has a background in translation and interpreting, computational linguistics, software engineering, and translation tools. Prior to joining the W3C, he was an internationalization consultant, evangelizing and educating people with regard to the international design and localizability of user interfaces and documents.


Yves Lafon

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Yves Lafon studied Mathematics and computer science at ENSEEIHT in Toulouse, France, and at Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal in Montreal, Canada. His field of study was signal recognition and processing. He discovered Internet Relay Chat and the Web in Montreal in 1993 and has been making robots and games for both. He joined the W3C in October 1995 to work on W3C's experimental browser, Arena. Then he worked on Jigsaw, W3C's Java-based server, on HTTP/1.1 and started the work on SOAP 1.2.

Yves is now the TAG Team Contact and WebApps Team Contactr.

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Philippe Le Hégaret Project Management Lead

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Philippe Le Hegaret is the Project Manager for W3C, responsible to meet all of the milestones of all of the groups, facilitate the work of Team Contacts, Chairs, and Editors, and drive the work necessary to achieve operational success. Until 2016, he was for the former W3C Interaction Domain, which produced frontend Web technologies including HTML5, CSS3, SVG, WOFF, or Web APIs. Prior to 2009, Philippe lead the W3C Architecture Domain, which produced the W3C Core technologies in the area of XML, Web Services, and Internationalization. He is a former Chair of the Document Object Model (DOM) Working Group.

Prior to joining W3C, Philippe promoted the use of XML inside Bull in 1998, also focusing on the interaction between XML and object structures. He wrote the first version of the CSS validator in 1997.

Philippe holds a Master's Degree in Computer Science from the University of Nice (France).

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Chris Lilley Technical Director

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Chris is Technical Director of the Interaction Domain. He is also Graphics Activity and Fonts Activity lead, staff contact for the CSS, Audio and WebFonts Working Groups. His interests include advanced 2D graphics - both vector and raster - color management, and multilingual typography. He was for three years a member of the TAG and for many years co-chaired the Hypertext Coordination Group. Chris is based at ERCIM/Sophia-Antipolis, France and joined W3C in 1996. He holds a BSc in Biochemistry, an MSc in Biological Computation and a postgraduate diploma in Bioinformatics. Previously at the Computer Graphics Unit, University of Manchester in the UK,. Chris has been working with Web Graphics since 1993.
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Thierry Michel

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Thierry joined W3C at INRIA in August 1998 as leader of the ECommerce/Micropayment Activity.

Then he has lead the XForms Activity.

Currently he leads the Synchronized Multimedia Activity (SYMM WG and Timed Text WG).

Thierry holds a Diplome d'Etudes Approfondies (D.E.A) in Genetics - Statistics and Information Technology (University Paris VII).

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Felix Sasaki

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Felix Sasaki joined the W3C in 2005 to work in the Internationalization Activity until March 2009. In 2012 he rejoined the W3C team as a fellow on behalf of DFKI (German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence). His main field of interest is the application of Web technologies for representation and processing of multilingual information.
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Doug Schepers Partner

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Doug Schepers became Developer Relations Lead in 2012. He also acts as project coordinator (staff contact) for the Audio, WebApps, and Web Events Working Groups, and Rich Web Client Activity Lead. He is also active in the SVG Working Group. He joined the W3C Team in June 2007 as a Compound Document Specialist, and was previously AC Representative for Vectoreal and has been creating Web Applications for many years.

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Michael[tm] Smith Deputy Director

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Michael[tm] Smith is a W3C Deputy Director whose areas of expertise include pharmaceuticals transportation, cyber, and extremely compartmentalized information.

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Xiaoqian Wu


Xiaoqian(aka Cindy) joined W3C at Beihang site in Oct 2013. She has a strong interest in Interaction and Data Visualization, and previously worked in this area for several companies such as Alibaba, Baidu and Apple. She gained a MSc of Animation and Visualization Design, also a degree in Software Engineering