Sally Khudairi

"I 've been sucked into the Web and I can't get out...I don't want to get out."

street From April 1996 through September 1998 I was the Head of Communications and "Keeper of the Public Image" for the World Wide Web Consortium [W3C] at MIT's Laboratory for Computer Science. I worked with an amazing group of intelligent and extraordinarily talented people. My role was highly dynamic; I never did the same thing everyday...things were changing constantly...and I absolutely loved it.

Then one day I met the folks from Cambridge Technology Partners' Interactive Solutions group. We chatted for a while, and they made me an offer I couldn't refuse. So on 11 September, I left W3C for my new position of Solutions Architect at CTP. My acceptance of the post at CTP and departure from W3C happened somewhat quickly. To mitigate the transition, W3C European Marketing Manager, Josef Dietl, stepped in to assume the role of Acting Head of Communications. Things looked good. A mere three weeks after I came on board, the company reorganized, and my group was dissolved. As CTP was plotting its next steps, the phone calls kept coming in...

March 1999: I decided to answer some of those calls and go back into business for myself. On 20 March, the day after I left CTP, ZOT Inc. was officially in business, and its consulting arm, ZOT Group was launched.

I miss my colleagues at W3C, most of whom have transcended beyond the base level of a professional relationship and have become like family to me. I am honored to have had the opportunity to work with them all. I am proud to have earned their trust and confidence in allowing me to develop and extend my vision into this amazing organization.

-- Thank you for believing in my intuition and for your support of my unique approach in helping lay the foundations for what is the Consortium today. Your dedication, cooperation and enthusiasm has profoundly impacted my level of respect for each one of you, and I remain confident that your collective efforts will, indeed, continue to change the world we live in.

Now, back to work...

Whom To Contact For W3C-Related Business

Public Relations/Media Inquiries: Please contact Janet Daly, Head of Communications, for all inquiries.

Member Relations: If your organization would like to become a W3C Member , please review the Prospectus. You will find all necessary documentation and Membership contracts there. If you have questions which are not addressed in the Prospectus, contact Alan Kotok, Associate Chairman responsible for Membership affairs. Please contact Janet Daly regarding Member-only communications.

W3C Website: Please review the W3C Webmaster's FAQ.

To Reach Me

The best way of getting in touch with me is via e-mail. Some days I receive hundreds of messages, so it may take a while to get back to you.

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