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Employment History

Current - Jan 2003 Vice President, Fundación Sidar
Current - Jun 1997 Littleguy
Current contract work:

Previous contracts include:

Nov 1999 - Dec 1998 Visiting Engineer, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (W3C - Lab. for Computer Science)
Working on Web Accessibility for the W3C, focusing on Authoring Tool Accessibility Guidelines, for which I am an editor, and the Protocols and Formats group, which reviews all W3C work to ensure it does not compromise, and where possible it enhances, accessibility.
1998 Sunrise
Working as a self-funded employee (responsible for maintaining my budget by finding, organising and completing commercial contracts)on projects including
1997 RMIT University
Working as part of a research and development team on:
1998 - 1995 Medieval Feasts
Approximately once a month I organise medieval feasts and/or camping weekends, where 20 - 100 people spend a few hours or a few days as they would have 800 -1000 years ago. Feasts include period activities, food, clothing, and other paraphernalia.
1998 - 1990 School Presentation Days
As part of medieval re-enactment I have regularly organised and participated in presentations of medieval life in schools, including both lecture and hands-on style teaching on a range of topics.
Jan 1998 - Feb 1995 Bar work - Dan O'Connell Hotel
High pressure bar work (on St Patrick's day I managed 20-30 staff at a time, who serve an estimated 8000 customers in 6 hours. On a normal day I just serve a lot of people in a hurry, and make each of them feel that they are special), Being nice to people while I throw them out.
1994 - 2 Boxer programming - Sunrise Research Laboratory
Using Boxer as a language for investigating computer science in schools (Blackburn High School year 10 and 11, Carey Grammar School Year 7). Boxer programming support for a project undertaken by Cielito Barita as the major component of her Master of Business Information Technology degree at RMIT.
1992 - 1991 TV/Video Delivery and Installation - Self Employed
Self employed, but mostly working for Eastern suburbs Brashs stores. Delivery driving - scheduling, juggling time and space. Tuning people's TV, showing them how to program their video, plugging their Hi Fi together.
I have also worked in many part time jobs while studying
Database construction and data entry, exam marking, toilet cleaning, sculpture conservation, cook, furniture restoring, piano moving, acting, desktop publishing, gardening, tutoring, dish washing etc.

Information Technology skills

Web Technology and standards
General Programming
Computer Graphics
Other computing skills

General Skills

Effective search skills using Internet, library, journal indexing and other resources. Ability to initiate and carry out extended research projects. The ability to learn new skills quickly when required.
Communication (written and oral)
I have given a large number of presentations on various aspects of W3C's work, mostly in english but also in Spanish and Italian. I have also taught computing skills to people from a wide variety of backgrounds: from Primary students to Tertiary academics. Collaborating with corporate management, clerical and 'coal-face' staff to design and complete projects under pressure. Complex customer relations under pressure (for example tactfully removing aggressive drunks from pubs and making other customers happy about the friendly environment, at the same time).
I have learnt a wide range of skills, often under great time pressure. I have good communication skills in French and Spanish, fair skills in Italian, with some ability to converse in German and Japanese, and read Latin (reasonably well). I have rudimentary reading skills in a number of other languages, although I have not exercised them for several years.
I am a fast learner, and derive great pleasure from learning new skills and ideas.
Planning and overseeing a variety of projects concurrently. Co-ordinating people with varied skills to maximise the collective output of a group.
Hard Work
Ability to work long shifts, perform physically or mentally demanding work. (And I can reach the top shelf.)
Driving and Travel
I have worked as a professional courier, and driven in excess of 100,000 miles for business in a year. I am comfortable travelling and arranging travel.


Currently enorlled part time in a Master of Arts degree at RMIT school of Aniumation and Interactive Multimedia. Co-supervised by Geoff Freed of WGBH Boston's National Center for Accessible Media, my research project is investigating the accessiblity of multimedia to people with disabilities or limited infrastructure.
1998 - 1996
Honours (Part time) in Medieval History at the University of Melbourne. Supervised by Associate Professor Anne Gilmour-Bryson. I have now completed a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) with First Class Honours.
1996 - 1988
Bachelor of Arts (Part time). Double major in medieval studies, with Chemistry, Biology, and Mathematics.
Victorian Certificate of Education (Completion of High School): Chemistry, English, French, double Mathematics, and Physics (with Latin, completed early - see below. Normally 5 subjects are attempted.) St Michael's Anglican Grammar School, St Kilda.
1986 - 1982
Scholarship student Geelong Grammar School. Completed Higher School Certificate subject Latin in 1986 (One year early)

Certificate Courses
1994 Bronze Medallion / Senior Resuscitation
1993 Senior First Aid


Some of what I consider my major achievements include:

Personal Details

Name: Charles McCathieNevile

Date of Birth: 3 June 1970

Citizenship: Australian

Mailing Addresses
Australia Europe
21 Mitchell street
Route des Lucioles
BP 93
06902 Sophia Antipolis Cedex

Interests and Hobbies

Medieval Re-enactment:
I set up the group Nordmannia, a historical re-enactment society, and take an active part in the group. This involves research into material culture in particular, and learning to make and use reproduction artifacts, as well as passing on what I have learnt - skills such as blacksmithing and bookbinding, as well as more traditional knowledge of medieval art, lifestyles and history.
Horse riding, cycling, skiing and bush walking
I am a keen Horse rider, and enjoy extended trips (3 - 5 days) into the bush by any of the above means
I am a keen cook of both historical and a wide variety of modern cuisines. This enables me to learn more about cooking and indulge my eclectic tastes in food at a sensible price, as well as being an enjoyable social activity.
Travel and languages
I enjoy travelling around the countryside or around the world, and particularly learning languages. I have taught myself Spanish and fair Italian, in addition to learning French, Latin, ancient Icelandic and some german, japanese and swedish more formally.


Dr Daniel Dardailler

Director for Europe
World Wide Web Consortium
06902 Sophia Antipolis Cedex
Phone: +33.4

Mr Jonathan O'Donnell

Formerly Director of Information Technology
Faculty of Art Design and Communication
RMIT University
Phone +613 9208 0385

Mr Maurice Bighi

Licensee, Dan O Connell Hotel
Dan O Connell Hotel
225 Canning Street
Phone +613 9347 1502 (after 12 noon, GMT+1100)
Facsimile +613 9347 5884

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