Les Nuits du Sud, 2017

“Les Nuits du Sud” is a series of open-air concerts in Vence in July. The official program is again online this year, but without an hCalendar or iCalendar version, so I again made one here. Program as of May 28, subject to change.

Nuits du Sud
Place du Grand Jardin
Vence - France
Tel: +33 4 93 58 40 17
Mail: nuitsdusud@ville-vence.fr
Geo: 43.722331 N, 7.111693 E

Poster Nuits du Sud 2000

Poster of the Nuits du Sud 2000.

The 2016 program is still on-line.

(This page uses h-event & vevent mark-up. Here is the iCalendar version, thanks to Brian Suda.)

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