]> W3A -- somewhat related issues

W3A -- somewhat related issues

Various subjects that I though worth mentioning. They may have something to do with W3A, but I don't think they conflict with it in any way.

Dan Connolly said: we need a hypertext clipboard in X, drag-and-drop stuff... even perhaps secure RPC between client applets.

He also said: See http://www.hal.com/%7Econnolly/drafts/web-research.html

What will be the impact of FRESCO/X11R6 and OLE?

Yechezkal-Shimon Gutfreund asked that applets also visually mesh together seamlessly. (Is this something to encode in an API or is a human-readable style guide enough?) See ftp://ftp.gte.com/pub/circus/accessories.html

He also suggested that the user interface could be broken out to a PDA, while the bulk of the browser executed on a host machine.

He also has a paper that addresses some of the issues raised by Dan Connolly (see `synchronization') about orchestrating multiple connected documents: CircusTalk (ASCII) or CircusTalk (Postscript).

Bert Bos