Weaving the Web


We have spotted or been passed the following errors since the book went to press. Thanks to all contributors.

On page 64 it talks about Pei Wei:

"He would go on to join O'Reilly Associates in Sebastopol, California, run by Dale Dougherty, one of the early web champions, which was creating various Internet products."
This really ought to say
"would go on to join the Digital Media group at O'Reilly & Associates in Sebastopol, California, run by Dale Dougherty..."

on page 76:

"O'Reilly had just published Ed Kroll's book Whole Earth Internet Catalog, which was really the first books that made all this Internet stuff accessible to the public.

It's Krol, with one "l."

on page 189, contributors note:

"Portuguese is spoken in Brazil, in all other countries of South America (not quite sure about the Guianas) the native language is the Spanish, including Uruguay. (sec15) (I think the example started life as Portugal...)"

"Guyana has Spanish as it's native language - French Guiana unsurprisingly has French"

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