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public class ISODate
extends Object
implements Mapper
ISO Date

NOTE: This class uses methods from java.util.Data which are deprecated in JDK 1.1.

WARNING: Time zone offset seems to be incorrect to me.

There seem to be more bugs in java.util.Date, probably this class should be rewritten for JDK 1.1 Calendars.

Constructor Index

 o ISODate()
 o ISODate(Date)
 o ISODate(String)

Method Index

 o dateToISODateString(Date)
 o getDate()
 o main(String[])
 o map(Object)
 o toString()
 o transformISODateToDate(String)


 o ISODate
 public ISODate()
 o ISODate
 public ISODate(String s)
 o ISODate
 public ISODate(Date date)


 o map
 public Object map(Object value) throws PICSParserException
 o getDate
 public Date getDate()
 o toString
 public String toString()
toString in class Object
 o dateToISODateString
 public static String dateToISODateString(Date date)
 o transformISODateToDate
 public static Date transformISODateToDate(String isoDate) throws NumberFormatException
 o main
 public static void main(String argv[])

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