README For REFEREE Demo Version 1.3


What has changed since the last version

I have made significant changes in the structure of the REFEREE execution environment. Specifically I

I still don't have any documentation on the source code yet and I hope to do that in my free time during summer (before going to CMU). The closest documentation I have is my thesis. The thesis provided a good overview of the structure of the implementation as well as each specific REFEREE interpreter (Chapter 5).

How to Install REFEREE

I am not a Windows person and the implementation is developed and tested in UNIX under JDK1.1. I will give only the UNIX version of the installation steps below.

Step 1: get the distribution file

The distribution file is tar-gziped.

Step 2: unpack the file

UNIX: at your command prompt, type

   cat TrustMgt-970616.tar.gz | gzip -d | tar xomvf - 

It will create a number of directories under TrustMgt directory. The two directories you care about are:

Step 3: set the CLASSPATH appropriately

in UNIX C-shell: put the following line in your ~/.cshrc file:

   setenv CLASSPATH "${INSTALL-DIR}/TrustMgt/src:${INSTALL-DIR}/TrustMgt/Jigsaw/classes/jigsaw.zip" 

and then type 'source ~/.cshrc' to activate the changes.

If you want to use the UNIX 'make', you also need to set the following variable:

setenv MAKEDIR "${INSTALL-DIR}/TrustMgt/build/unix/makefiles"

step 4: run Jigsaw Proxy

First go to ${INSTALL-DIR}/test directory. The directory has a set of policy files and PICS label file. Then invoke the Jigsaw Proxy with JDK1.1:

java w3c.jigsaw.http.httpd -root ${INSTALL-DIR}/TrustMgt/Jigsaw/Jigsaw -port 8002

You will see the following output:

loading properties from: /nfs/u/yhchu/refcode/TrustMgt2/Jigsaw/JigProxy/config/http-server.props
 *** salvaging resource manager state...
 *** resource store state salvaged, using: 3
 The Module Database containsIdentifier : view
 ( ( and 
     ( not 
       ( url-match URL 
         ( "http://www.harvard.edu" ) ) ) 
    ( invoke "load-label" STATEMENT-LIST URL "http://www.musac.org/" 
       ( EMBEDDED ) ) 
    ( false-if-unknown 
      ( match 
        ( ( "load-label" * ) 
          ( * 
            ( ( version "PICS-1.1" ) * 
              ( service "http://www.musac.org/" ) * 
              ( ratings 
                ( RESTRICT < s 2.0 ) ) ) ) ) STATEMENT-LIST ) ) ) )
 Interpreter : http://www.w3.org/PICS/TrustMgt/Profiles092/
 Identifier : http://www.w3.org/PICS/TrustMgt/Profiles092/
 CodeFragment: w3c.pics.referee.ProfilesInterpreter@1dc60f5e
 Interpreter : http://www.javasoft.com/jdk/
 Jigsaw[1.0alpha5]: serving at http://anansi:8002/

This means that the Jigsaw Proxy is listening at http://anansi.w3.org:8002 port. The REFEREE modules, identified by the string 'load-label' and 'http://www.w3.org/PICS/TrustMgt/Profiles092/', are loaded to the REFEREE module database.

step 5: run a Web browser

In your favorite browser, change the network preference to enable proxy service. Fill in the appropriate host name and the port number. Now the 'html' files are controlled by Profiles-0.92 Policy (test/ProfilesPolicy) and the image files are controlled by PicsRULZ (test/rulz).

step 6: wanna see 'Harvard' disappear?

Type in http://www.harvard.edu in your browser. You should see the whole pages. So far so good.

Now go to the file (test/rulz) and add Harvard to the failURL clause:

    (failURL ("http://www.w3.org/Security/DSig" "http://www.harvard.edu")
     passURL ...)

and try the Harvard page again. All the images are blocked, with a default image like .

step 7: more ways to make 'Harvard' disappear?

Now change the (test/rulz) back to the original settings. Open (test/PICSLabel) file and change the virus rating from 37 to 3:

(PICS-1.1 "http://web.mit.edu/ratings/CodeSafety.html" 
           labels ratings (virus 3))

Now try the Harvard page again. The images in that pages are again blocked due to the low virus level rating.

You may change the three policy/PICS Label files (test/ProfilesPolicy, test/rulz, test/PICSLabel) to vary your policy preference. Have fun!

Yang-Hua Chu

Last modified: Tue Jun 17 02:20:25 EDT