Installing REFEREE

Step 1: get the source file

it is tar-gziped.

Step 2: unpack the file

UNIX: at your command prompt, type
   cat TrustMgt-96-11-18.tar.gz | gzip -d | tar xomvf - 
in Windows: ?

It will create a number of directories under TrustMgt directory. The two directories you care about are:

Step 3: set the CLASSPATH appropriately

in UNIX C-shell: put the following line in your ~/.cshrc file:
   setenv CLASSPATH "INSTALL-DIR/TrustMgt/src/w3c/pics/referee" 
and then type 'source ~/.cshrc' to activate the changes.

in UNIX Shell: at your prompt, type

in Windows: at DOS prompt, type
   set CLASSPATH=INSTALL-DIR/TrustMgt/src/w3c/pics/referee

step 4: go to INSTALL-DIR/src/w3c/pics/referee/test-Profiles directory

There are some sample Profiles-0.92 policies and PICS labels there.

step 5: invoke the demo by typing

   java prog1-1 label1 
You can replace 'prog1-1' with other program names 'progx -y'and use the corresponding 'labelx' file. I have 8 program files and 4 corresponding label files.

That is all! Have fun.

Yang-Hua Chu
Last modified: Mon Feb 10 21:12:03 EST