Joint Workshop on Mobile Web Privacy
WAP Forum & World Wide Web Consortium

7-8 December 2000
Munich, Germany


Motorola Position Paper

Garland Phillips (

& Bill Macko (

Motorola Personal Networks Group








Wireless devices, such as Mobile phones and PDAs, are increasingly Internet enabled. This enables a wealth of new services, but also raises some issues. The protection of user privacy is one of them.

Motorola wants to help the industry reach a privacy solution for these wireless devices. We suggest that wireless specific issues should be considered so that the wireless solution can be part of the overall global Internet privacy solution.











Mobile Services


We want to enable personal services on wireless devices while still allowing the protection of the privacy of the user.

Types of mobile services:


Goal is to enable these types of services without giving away control of Privacy.








Expectations for Workshop








Privacy Issues Specific to Mobile Web Devices









Limitations of Mobile Devices

A privacy mechanism for wireless devices should consider that wireless devices typically have the following limitations:

These properties will constrain the solution space. The privacy mechanism chosen should be bandwidth efficient and not require the exchange of a lot of messages to accomplish. Wireless bandwidth tends to be expensive and multiple messages raise the latency thus negatively affecting the user experience.









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