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Mobile Web Privacy - Position Papers

(List as of 30 November 1999)

Name Organization Title of Position Paper
Eric Bergeron Zero Knowledge Systems The Difference Between Privacy and Security
Marc Le Maitre Nextel Privacy on the Wireless Internet
Simone Fischer-Hueber Karlstad University Privacy Enhancement in the Mobile Internet
Ricarda Weber Siemens {Position Paper}
Janet Cerniglia, Margareta Bjorksten, Ora Lassila Nokia Privacy for Location Dependent Information
Garland Phillips, Bill Macko Motorola {Position Paper}
Tom Covalla, Martin Presler-Marshall, Joseph Rusnak, Thomas Schaeck and Mark Vandenwauver IBM/Tivoli {Position Paper}
Mario G. Tapia, Will Cousins Xypoint {Position Paper}
Lukas Gundermann Independent Center for Privacy Protection in Schleswig-Holstein {Position Paper}
Danny Dolev Hebrew University Cellular Device -- The Versatile Personal Identification Mechanism
Daniela Elsner
Andreas Bonnard
Arthur Andersen Trust is the Key to Mobile Business
Henry Ryan ISPE Standardization in support of the European legal framework
Kentaro Meiseki
Hiroshi Ohta
JSky J-Sky "Station" (Location Dependant Service for Cell Phones) and Privacy


Marc Langheinrich ETH Zurich P3P Architectural Overview
Rick Noens & Daniel Weitzner Co-chairs Agenda
Mikael Nilsson Ericsson CC/PP & UA Prof
Ewan Cameron Signalsoft Location Dependent Information DC
Alan Davidson Center for Democracy and Technology The Emerging Crisis in Wireless Data Privacy
Fiona Walsh Avenue A {Position Paper}
Eric Brunner Engage Compact Representations of P3P Policies
Currently Missing
Alan Zausner American Express 
Telli Diallo UBIZEN
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