NEC P3P4P Implementation

NEC has made its prototype implementation of a P3P working draft available under the Perl Artistic License.  This license is different from the ordinary W3C License that governs much of the software on this site.  Please refer to the P3P4P License before making use of this code.  This code is supplied by NEC and not by the W3C.  Its appearance on this website does not imply endorsement by the W3C. This code is made available by the W3C as a service to the P3P community.  It is the current P3P staff contact's policy to allow any W3C member to distribute P3P  implementations on this website, provided that these implementations are available under W3C copyright, the Perl Artistic License, or a similar open source license.  Other W3C staff contacts, or future P3P staff contacts, may have different policies.

Rolf Nelson, June 28, 1999