Coordination with other efforts

The following is a proposal for future work on P3P submitted following the November 2002 Workshop on the Future of P3P


Establish reliable mechanism for coordination work between ongoing P3P specification development activities and other efforts. A variety of efforts to address privacy in contexts related to the Web are working in areas closely connected to the P3P application space. Workshop participants identified a need to develop cooperative mechanisms to coordinate work between P3P and these other efforts such as the Liberty Alliance and IETF initiatives such as the Geopriv WG.

Cooperative efforts should be coordinated through the P3P Coordination Group. As necessary, representatives of initiatives outside W3C may be invited to participate in the P3P Coordination Group on either an ad hoc or formal basis. The P3P CG will develop concrete liaison statements with specific outside activities as the basis for cooperation becomes more clear.


Ongoing P3P work at W3C should include mechanisms to coordinate activities with outside groups as appropriate. This coordination should provide for an exchange of requirements and, where possible, communication about deployment and outreach efforts.


Coordination is often most effective when there is cross-over membership between W3C activities and those outside W3C. Hence, adequate participation from W3C members in both P3P WGs and outside activities will be important. W3C Members can provide vital leadership in coordination when shared objectives are recognized within a given Member organization and communicated to the participants in all related activities. W3C staff will provide resources to the P3P Coordination Group as available to help develop shared goals across activities.



Daniel J. Weitzner

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