Use of P3P Vocabulary independent of http binding

The following is a proposal for future work on P3P submitted following the November 2002 Workshop on the Future of P3P


Workshop participants from a variety of technology communities have recognized the value the P3P vocabulary for describing the privacy policies of objects outside the HTTP URI scheme. This work item proposes a means of abstracting the P3P vocabulary elements from their original HTTP context in order to be useful in other application contexts. Successful completion has two basic requirements:

  1. abstract description of P3P vocabulary
  2. demonstrated use of this abstract description in a non-http application context


The goal of this work item is to develop a generalized representation of the P3P vocabulary for use in applications contexts beyond http. This goal can be satisfied by producing a W3C Note describing the P3P vocabulary alone, without the associated protocol description in the P3P 1.0 Recommendation. While this work must be done in cooperation with at least one other such application context (such as Geopriv or other IETF activities, as an example), this particular activity would not, itself, be responsible for describing bindings to other URI schemes or application settings.


An initial draft of the proposal can be done by one or two individuals familiar with P3P and the basics of Web architecture. W3C hopes to be able to devote a few weeks of staff engineering resources to this activity in order to develop the initial draft. Completing this work will require cooperation with those in another application domain. The P3P Coordination Group should work to solidify commitments from those who expressed initial interest at the Workshop.

Time Frame

An initial draft can be completed with a 2-3 months of work from a W3C staff member and comments/support of the P3P technical working group and representative of the target non-http application domain. More time will be required to finalize the problem, dependent on the schedule of the target application.

Daniel J. Weitzner

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