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I will use this space to provide a monthly update on the P3 project. All of the updates will be archived off of this page. If you have any questions about the P3 project, please feel free to contact me.

Regards, Philip DesAutels, P3 project Manager

10 July, 1997

The Kickoff meeting of the P3 project was held on 26 June, 1997. From the agenda, you can see that we had a full day's work.

Welcome & Introduction, Philip DesAutels, W3C
Project Foundation and Goals, Jim Miller, W3C Overview & FTC Presentation Slides and Demo
Technological options in the development of the P3 prototype, Joseph Reagle, W3C and Lorri Cranor, AT&T
Summary of the FTC hearings, Deirdre Mulligan, CDT
Policy to requirements discussion, Chair Philip DesAutels, W3C, Moderator Ralph Swick, W3C
OPS Overview, Martin Haeberli, Netscape
Privacy and Profiling on the Web Overview, Melissa Dunn, Microsoft
W3C P3 Project Technology Requirements, Jim Miller, W3C|
Working group Overview, Philip DesAutels, W3C

Attending the kickoff meeting were representatives from: Art Technology Group, AT&T Labs, Bellcore, Center for Democracy and Technology, DISA, Engage Technologies, Ernst & Young LLP, Firefly Network Inc, IBM, MCI Communications, Microsoft, MIT, Narrowline, Netscape Communications, Open Market Inc., Open Sesame, Oracle Corporation, The DMA, U C Irvine, W3C

The meeting was a great success with broad adgreement to the goals of P3 and a stong desire to work towards a common solution. The meeitng closed with the formation of two working groups to address architecture and vocabulary. These groups are shooting for a September target to deliver reports on their respective efforts.

philipd@w3.org, 10 July1997