DOMC Session 5: Future of CGI

Question: Is CORBA/IIOP a better alternative to CGI?

asked by Andreas Vogel who also led the subsequent discussion and compiled the following summary. Andreas is Senior Research Scientist with the DSTC , Brisbane, Australia.


To get the discussion started I made the statement "CGI sucks" which I thought would be rather provocative. However, instead of causing an outcry of the masses the statement made quite a few heads nodding. They have been most likely the heads of people who have actually implemented non-trivial CGI-based applications.

To structure the discussion I made suggested the following five issues:

  1. Separation of interface and implementation

  2. Multiple programming languages

  3. CORBAservices

  4. Wide support

  5. Integration of legacy systems/applications through object wrapping

The discussion came to a first conclusion, namely that

The discussion than turned towards how to integrate the WWW and CORBA. The following approaches have identified:
  1. modify HTTP server so that the can translate specific HTTP request, in particular of the URL type "IOR:..." into calls on interoperable object references (IOR).

  2. make CORBA objects understand HTTP

  3. IIOP as part of the WWW protocol suite which would enable invocations on interoperable object references (IOR) directly from a WWW browser.

Discussion attendees, please feel free to comment on this subjective view on the discussion.