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Mission Statement

The group will:

Our long-term goal, shared by both the WAP Forum and the W3C, is to work towards universal access to a unified information space, i.e. enabling users to view services and resources from many different devices and access modalities.

Please see the Charter for further information on the constitution of this WG.

Mailing List

Coordination group mailing list archive:

This list is intended for discussions in the working group. As a matter of policy, the archive is open to members of the organizations it coordinates.

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Comments concerning this coordination

Comments concerning this coordination can be adressed to the public comment list of the W3C Mobile Access Interest Group, www-mobile@w3.org | Archive

To be added to this list, please send a subscription request to: www-mobile-request@w3.org 

Group participants

The following persons are members of this working group:

For the WAP Forum For the W3C
Bruce Martin, bruce.martin@corp.phone.com

Alternate: Peter King, peter.king@corp.phone.com

Jean-Francois Abramatic, Chairman W3C (Chair), jfa@w3.org
Lalitha Suryanarayana, SBC, Lalitha_Suryanarayana@TRI.SBC.COM Vincent Quint, Domain Leader, User Interface Domain, vq@w3.org
Kazunari Kubota, NTT DoCoMo, kbtarc@YSERV.YRP.NTTDOCOMO.CO.JP Philipp Hoschka, Domain Leader, Architecture Domain, ph@w3.org
Alain Grignac, Alcatel, alain.grignac@ALCATEL.FR Daniel Weitzner, Domain Leader, Technology and Society Domain, djweitzner@w3.org
Alastair Angwin, IBM, WAP WAG chair, alastair_angwin@uk.ibm.com Judy Brewer, Chair, Web Accessability Initiative, jbrewer@w3.org


Daniel Dardallier, dd@w3.org

Kevin Wagner, Motorola, Kevin_Wagner-FKW003@email.mot.com Johan Hjelm, Chair, CC/PP Working Group, hjelm@w3.org



This group was formed as a result of the discussions between the WAP Forum and the W3C. Ad-hoc coordination has been ongoing since the first meeting in June 1998, with regular teleconferences with representatives from the WAP Forum and the W3C.  

This group does not formally belong to any domain or activity in the W3C or WAP Forum, but is administred under the W3C User Interface Domain Mobile Activity.

See also the previous version of the Joint White Paper describing the relationship in October 1998.

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