W3C User Interface Domain

W3C Mobile Access Workshop
April 7-8, 1998, Tokyo, Japan


Tuesday, April 7

9:00 registration
9:30 NTT DoCoMo (Akihisa Nakajima)
- Next generation mobile communication systems
10:00 TOYOTA (Makoto Morita)
- Introduction of recent information system in a car
10:30 break
11:00 Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.
- Functional Requirements for Mobile WWW Access (Shin-ichi Matsui)
- A Proposal for Mobile HTML/XML Architecture (Hidetaka Ohto)
11:30 MICROSOFT Corp. (David Tuniman)
- Using XML, HTML, and Scripting for Offline and Interactive Mobile Access
12:00 Lotus Development Corporation (Mark Day)
- Some Lessons Learned from Mobile Access
12:30 lunch
13:30 WAP Forum (Bruce Martin)
- Wireless Application Protocol (WAP)
14:00 Unwired Planet (Peter King)
- Technical Issues with the Wireless Web
14:30 NOKIA MOBILE PHONES (Mikko Lietsami)
- Wireless Applications
15:00 break
15:30 ACCESS CO.,LTD. (Tomihisa Kamada)
- Compact HTML for Small Information Appliances
16:00 NTT DoCoMo (Takeshi Natsuno)
- New Interactive Media over the Mobile Communication Network
-- Concept of the Gateway Service
16:30 W3C/HP (Dave Raggett)
- Voice Browsers
17:00 free discussion
18:00 Reception

Wednesday, April 8

9:00 Keio University (Ted Nelson)
- A Compact Reference Structure for Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing
9:30 University of Helsinki (Prof. Martti Tienari)
- Mobile Computing Based on GSM: The Mowgli Approach
10:00 Productivity Works (Ray Ingram)
- Accessibility - A Business and Market Imperative
10:30 break
11:00 W3C/MIT (Henrik Frystyk Nielsen)
- HTTP/1.1 performance gains over HTTP/1.0
- HTTP-NG - introduction and overview
11:30 W3C/INRIA (Chris Lilley)
- (CSS2 @media feauture)
12:00 lunch
13:00 free discussion

Tatsuya Hagino, Workshop Chair
Takuya Asada, Workshop Webmaster
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