How to submit MathML software descriptions

The software pages are automatically generated from a single XML description file. Therefore, in order to have your description on these pages, you should send me an XML fragment like below, with the proper information filled out, and I will insert it into the XML and run the generation process.

      <category ref=""/> <!-- one category element for each category this -->
      <category ref=""/> <!-- software belongs to. see below for the list -->
      <category ref=""/>
      <author href="">Tom Example</author> <-- one or more authors -->
      <vendor href="">ExampleMathML Ltd.</vendor>
      <name href="">MathEx</name>
      <date>January 2005</date> <!-- last update -->
      <screenshot href=""/>
      <short-description><h:p>MathEx is a program to display examples of mathematical equations</h:p></short-description>    <!-- XHTML markup accepted, bound to h: -->
        <h:p>blah blah blah</h:p>   <!-- XHTML markup accepted, bound to h: -->

Generally, you should avoid using long-description. The best is to have two or three paragraphs in the short description and people interested will go to the Web site to learn more. You should only use long-description if you're unsure about the persistence of the URL of the software.

The value to be put in ref in <category ref="..."/> is one of: