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Entry updated: October 2013

Categories: Browsers

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Author: Infogrid Pacific

Vendor: Infogrid Pacific

AZARDI is a reader for e-books (EPUB2 and EPUB3) with support for HTML5/MathML. Versions for Windows, Mac, Linux, as well as an online web App for mobile platforms.


Entry updated: May 2004

Categories: Browsers, Editors

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Vendor: W3C

Screenshot for Amaya

W3C's Amaya browser displays Presentation MathML, and lets a Web page author edit equations directly. The software gives multiple views of a document so that its internal structure can be displayed as well as a WSYSIWYG interface.


Entry updated: June 2004

Categories: Browsers

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Author: Mustapha EDDAHIBI and Azzeddine LAZREK

Vendor: RyDArab

Screenshot for Dadzilla

Dadzilla, an adapted version of Mozilla, allows using MathML for Arabic mathematical presentation. In this presentation, Arabic mathematical expressions use specific symbols and spread out from right to left. Dadzilla runs both in Linux and Windows platforms.

Long description

Firefox and other Mozilla based browsers

Categories: Browsers

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Vendor: The Mozilla Foundation

Screenshot for Firefox and other Mozilla based browsers

Firefox 1.0 renders PersentationMathML in HTML pages natively. See the MathML project page. (Open source, all major platforms). Since MathML rendering is part of Mozilla's layout engine, all derived browsers (Netscape 7, Galeon, Kmeleon, etc.) include it.

Internet Explorer

Entry updated: Feb 2005

Categories: Browsers

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Vendor: Microsoft

Although IE doesn't directly support MathML, it has the hooks that allow plug-in support, enabling the full MathML experience through plug-ins such as Mathplayer or techexplorer.

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