WéM - Web éditeur Mathématique

WéM is a complete editor to create scientific texts.

Special chars, math formulae (mathml), geometric figures (SVG and PNG) and functions plotter are all integrated.

It is not only designed for high quality printed documents, but also for the creation of interactive documents like presentations, online exercices for the classroom, etc.

The edition is made through a simple specific language (that looks like a very very simplified LaTeX) : menus, buttons, contextual assistants and real time visualisation will guide the non-experimented user, while the experimented one will be completely satisfied with the keyboard access.

WéM could then be placed between the "all automatic" that you cannot control and the "do it by yourself" that you cannot manage : that is a modern and powerfull point of view of the scientific edition.

Last update: 25 July 2014
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