Translator from MathML to TeX/LaTeX

This MathML to LaTeX on-line translator converts MathML representations of math formulae to equivalent TeX expressions. The user may also control line-breaking.

One of the main goals of this converter is to conserve high-level semantics during translation. The user may provide one or more mapping files to specify how MathML or other XML elements should be translated. This allows user customization and transformation of high-level MathML extensions to TeX macros. (These mapping files are also used for the TeX to MathML converter.)

The translator supports three kind of conversion:

  1. File to file: to convert an entire
  2. Expression to expression: to convert any valid MathML expression, given as input string.
  3. Object to object: allows the user to manipulate individual MathML and TeX-objects obtained from sources different from standard MathML or TeX files.

Inquiries about a stand-alone version should be directed to the ORCCA software group

Last update: 25 July 2014
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