Design Science MathFlowâ„¢ is a suite of components for editing and rendering MathML. The MathFlow SDK includes three MathML editors available for adding equation editing to your software or website. Each of the three editors is useful in different scenarios. The Simple Editor offers a straightforward interface for quickly conveying meaning, as needed in exam/homework responses, forums, emails, etc. The Style Editor provides control over the style and format of your equation, useful when producing content for publication. The Structure Editor is a professional editor for publishing, giving the user complete control over the MathML produced as well as a customizable user interface for optimizing productivity.

The MathFlow SDK also includes libraries for converting MathML to high-quality GIF, PNG, EPS, and speech text for accessibility.

MathFlow is available as a plug-in for popular XML editors MathFlow for Arbortext, MathFlow for Oxygen, and MathFlow for XMetaL.

Last update: 31 October 2013
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