DSSSL stylesheets for MathML

As part of the Esprit OpenMath Project, David Carlisle has made available DSSSL stylesheets for MathML.

These parse both Content and Presentation MathML (although currently do not support the definition element). Using Jade one may render MathML to TeX or to rtf. The screenshots show the same example, viewed with the TeX previewer, xdvi, and in Microsoft Word. In these early versions of the scripts, some typographic aspects, especially for Content MathML, are not as you might expect. However being based on a full SGML system which is using the MathML DTD, the scripts do parse the full MathML language.

xdvi       srcreenshot
MSWord       screenshot

The examples above were rendering the following MathML expressions.

Last update: 25 July 2014
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