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Advertising Rates. Jan.5. From as little as $0/week..
New! FAQ. Jan.9. Please read before you email me.
3d Graphics. Oct.24. Charlie Morey's illustrated how-to.
Icons. Dec.21. A few icons for your pages. Spectrum. Vol.1 Issue 4 Journal for web developers. Plan. Nov.14. About the WDVL and its future.
Searching. Dec.23. The major search engines. htmlscript makes CGI easy and server safe. Specifications. Oct.12. Pointers to HTML, CGI, Java, ...
Jobs Offered. Jan.5. Jobs for web developers. HTML Tables, Forms, and CGI. Dec.11. Style Guide. Nov.17. Tips on web design.
WebCalc. Oct.16. A simple CGI demonstration. CyberWeb SoftWare. A WWW Consulting company.
The Library Jan.5. 1: Images_and_Icons, 2: CGI, 3: Browsers, 4: HTML_Editors, 5: HTML, 6: Jobs, 7: Software, 8: Java, 9: Imagemaps, 10: Servers, 11: Style, 12: Database, 13: CyberVR, 14: Perl, 15: Providers, 16: Clients, 17: Consultants, 18: Books, 19: HTML_3.0, 20: Software, etc.
htmlscript makes CGI easy and server safe
The Top 20: Jan.5. 1: /index.html, 2: /Vlib/, 3: /Icons/, 4: /Seminars/, 5: /Graphics/3d-demo.html, 6: /Ads/htmlscript.html, 7: /Seminars/Menu.html, 8: /Seminars/home.html, 9: /Jobs/, 10: /Seminars/Style/, 11: /Jobs.html, 12: /Roses/, 13: /Spectrum/, 14: /Graphics/3d-demo2.html, 15: /CWSW/, 16: /Seminars/CGI/, 17: /Specs/, 18: /Seminars/Style/Stru.html, 19: /Graphics/3dimage.html, 20: /Search/. Note that the first two Jobs links are the same, as are the first two Seminars links.

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Astronomy and Astrophysics
Suns'n'Roses. 1995 Space pictures and deep questions. The StarChild Project. 1994 An Introduction to Astronomy. WebStars. 1993. Astrophysics in Cyberspace.
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