"A Proposal for Mobile HTML Architecture

Hidetaka Ohto <ohto@isl.mei.co.jp> 04/23/1998

Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd. (Panasonic)

Due to the expansion of data communication in the area of mobile communication systems, expectations of multimedia mobile applications such as WWW access, E-mail and tele-conferencing systems are growing.

In order to meet the requirements of the already highly advanced market for mobile communications equipment such as cellular phones, and to lead the mobile communications industry toward new areas of progress, both the development and standardization of new technologies can be considered indispensable.

Panasonic is one mobile communication company - we are currently developing a wide variety of mobile equipment and mobile communication systems, and are looking forward to the establishment and standardization of new technologies.

Mobile Internet application-layer technologies, including WWW access, ITS and EC are going to become widespread. However, to apply HTML to the mobile area, mobile-oriented technical issues such as those listed below have to be solved.

  1. Compact architecture under mobile terminal equipment covering hardware size, lower power consumption, input devices, CPU power and memory size
  2. Solutions to wireless communication-oriented issues (low-bit-rate transmission speed, robustness, interconnectivity)
  3. Enhancement to realize motion picture communications

It is important to establish mobile application-layer formats and protocols to solve technical issues, and standardize following new features:

  1. HTML-based standard formats
  2. Audio and video access format and protocol
  3. Device description format for interconnectivity


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A Proposal for Mobile HTML Architecture