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XHTML-Print W3C Candidate Recommendation 20 January 2004

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Jim Bigelow, Hewlett-Packard Co.


This Test Suite has been designed primarily to help implementers evaluate conformance to the XHTML-Print W3C Candidate Recommendation 20 January 2004. It is based upon the W3C HTML 4.01 Test Suite.

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Status of the test suite

This is the first draft of the test suite for XHTML-Print W3C Candidate Recommendation. This version of the test suite contains Basic Functionality tests except for tests for Appendix A. JPEG Decoder Requirements.

Documentation for the test suite is in  XHTML-Print Test Suite Documentation .

Feedback and discussion regarding the XHTML-Print Test Suite should be sent to www-html-testsuite@w3.org (archive). Send a mail to www-html-testsuite-request@w3.org with "Subject: subscribe" to subscribe to this list.

Overview of the test suite

on dependency graph of XHTML-Print specificationThe XHTML-Print specification normatively references several other specifications. The diagram on the right supplements the following list that shows how the specifications are related.

  1. XHTML-Print depends on:
    1. The Modularization of XHTML 1.0 (XHTMLMOD) for the definition of:
      • elements,
      • attributes, and
      • XHTML Family User Agent conformance criteria.
    2. RFC 3391 for the definition of the multiplexed document format. RFC 3391 depends on:
      1. RFC 2557 to define the representation of the relationship between inter-related components of a compound document via MIME headers. RFC 2257 depends on:
        1. RFC 822 to define MIME headers and character encodings
        2. RFC 2047 (MIME3) to define the encoding of Content-ID and Content-Location message headers.
        3. RFC 2017 to define folding of long MIME header field bodies.  RFC 2017 depends on
          1. RFC 1738 to define the encoding of URLs
    3. RFC 2396 for the definition of a URI
    4. RFC 2392 for the definition of the cid scheme
    5. RFC 2616 for the definition of the http scheme

dependency graph of test typesThere are several different types of tests within this test suite, because of the hierarchy of specifications:

  1. Tests from the XHTML-Print specification These are named from the section of the XHTML-Print specification.
  2. Tests from the XHTML Family User Agent Conformance section of the XHTML 1.1 specification. These are prefixed with "xhtml_conform", for example xhtml_conform-BF-01.htm.
  3. Tests from the RFC 3391 specification. These are prefixed with "rfc3391", for example, rfc3391-BF-01.mx.
  4. Tests from the RFC2557 specification. These are prefixed with "rfc2557", for example, rfc2557-BF-01.mx

The tests themselves come in two formats:

  1. An XHTML-Print document (suffix "htm"), and
  2. A compound or multiplexed document (suffix "mx") whose format is defined by RFC3391 - The MIME Application/Vnd.pwg-multiplexed Content-type. A multiplexed document contains an XHTML-Print document, as well as, all the entities it references.

For each feature, there is at least one page which tests the feature in various ways, using XHTML-Print markup. The test pages are broken out into a number of sections which reflect the structure of the XHTML-Print specification itself, in addition to a Prologue and a few appendices.

Tests organized by section

In the table of contents, below, tests are organized by section.  There is another view of the tests, organized by testable assertions extracted from the specification: XHTML-Print Assertions

Table of Contents

Feedback regarding the XHTML-Print Test Suite should be sent to www-html-testsuite@w3.org.