XForms Test Suite

3. Document Structure

Test Case Description Link To Spec Normative For XForms Basic Normative For XForms Full
3.1.a XForms namespace 3.1 true true
3.2.1.a id attribute 3.2.1 true true
3.2.1.b foreign attributes 3.2.1 true true
3.2.2.a src attribute 3.2.2 false false
3.2.3.a single-node binding - ref attribute 3.2.3 true true
3.2.3.b single-node binding - model attribute 3.2.3 true true
3.2.3.c single-node binding - bind attribute 3.2.3 true true
3.2.3.d single-node binding - bind attribute overrides ref and model 3.2.3 true true
3.2.3.e single-node binding - invalid bind IDREF 3.2.3 true true
3.2.3.f single-node binding - invalid model IDREF 3.2.3 true true
3.2.3.g first node rule 3.2.3 true true
3.2.4.a node-set binding - nodeset attribute and bind attribute override 3.2.4 true true
3.2.4.b node-set binding - model attribute of itemset element 3.2.4 true true
3.2.4.c node-set binding - bind attribute of itemset element 3.2.4 true true
3.2.4.d node-set binding - bind attribute overrides model attribute 3.2.4 true true
3.2.4.e node-set binding - invalid model IDREF 3.2.4 true true
3.2.4.f node-set binding - invalid bind IDREF 3.2.4 true true
3.3.a processor must ignore unrecognized foreign-namespaced attributes 3.3 true true
3.3.1.a1 50 models created 3.3.1 true true
3.3.1.a2 no models created 3.3.1 true true
3.3.1.b invalid function 3.3.1 true true
3.3.1.c1 valid schema 3.3.1 true true
3.3.1.c2 invalid schema 3.3.1 true true
3.3.1.d1 version attribute 3.3.1 true true
3.3.1.d2 version attribute negative test 1 3.3.1 true true
3.3.1.d3 version attribute negative test 2 3.3.1 true true
3.3.2.a model with no instance 3.3.2 true true
3.3.2.b instance with inline data 3.3.2 true true
3.3.2.c instance with resource attribute 3.3.2 true true
3.3.2.d instance with invalid resource link 3.3.2 true true
3.3.2.e instance with inline data and resource attribute 3.3.2 true true
3.3.2.f instance with inline data, resource attribute, and src attribute 3.3.2 false false
3.3.2.g inline content has two top-level nodes in instance element 3.3.2 true true
3.3.2.h invalid instance causes exception with resource-uri 3.3.2 true true
3.3.4.a nodeset attribute of bind element 3.3.4 true true
3.3.4.b more bind element examples 3.3.4 true true
3.4.1.a extension element 3.4.1 false false