XForms Test Suite

B. Insert and Delete Action Patterns for Data Mutations

Test Case Description Link To Spec Normative For XForms Basic Normative For XForms Full
B.1.a Prepend Element Copy B.1 true true
B.2.a Append Element Copy B.2 true true
B.3.a Duplicate Element B.3 true true
B.4.a Set Attribute B.4 true true
B.5.a Remove Element B.5 true true
B.6.a Remove Attribute B.6 true true
B.7.a Remove Nodeset B.7 true true
B.8.a Copy Nodeset B.8 true true
B.9.a Copy Attribute List B.9 true true
B.10.a Replace Element B.10 true true
B.11.a Replace Attribute B.11 true true
B.12.a Replace Instance with Insert B.12 true true
B.13.a Move Element B.13 true true
B.14.a Move Attribute B.14 true true
B.15.a Insert Element into Non-Contiguous, Heterogeneous Nodeset B.15 true true