Chapter 9

Test Case Description Link To Spec XForms-Basic? Normative?
9.1.1.a group element precedence over individual members of the group 9.1.1 true true
9.1.1.b label as a child of group 9.1.1 true true
9.1.1.c input focus on a group 9.1.1 true true
9.2.1.a switch element 9.2.1 true true
9.2.2.a multiple cases in a switch have selected="true" 9.2.2 true false
9.2.3.a toggle element events dispatched 9.2.3 true true
9.2.3.b toggle element with no case 9.2.3 true true
9.3.1.a repeat element over homogeneous collection 9.3.1 true true
9.3.1.b startindex attribute of repeat element 9.3.1 true true
9.3.1.c number attribute of repeat element 9.3.1 true true
9.3.1.d unrolling a repeat element 9.3.1 true true
9.3.1.e example of repeat element 9.3.1 true true
9.3.2.a example of repeat structure using attributes in html table 9.3.2 true false
9.3.3.a example of itemset element 9.3.3 true true
9.3.4.a copy element 9.3.4 true true
9.3.5.a insert element rules 9.3.5 true true
9.3.6.a delete element rules 9.3.6 true true
9.3.7.a setindex element rules 9.3.7 true true