Chapter 6

Test Case Description Link To Spec XForms-Basic? Normative?
6.1.1.a The type property 6.1.1 true true
6.1.2.a inheritance rules for the readonly property 6.1.2 true true
6.1.2.b The readonly property 6.1.2 true true
6.1.3.a required property example 6.1.3 true false
6.1.3.b The required property 6.1.3 false false
6.1.4.a inheritance rules for relevant property 6.1.4 true true
6.1.4.b relevant property example 6.1.4 true true
6.1.5.a calculate property example 6.1.5 true false
6.1.6.a constraint property example 6.1.6 true true
6.1.7.a p3ptype property example 6.1.7 true false