Test case for the submit element. Janel 1999-11-20 16:30:05 xforms-submit-done (timecard) xforms-submit(timecard) xforms-submit-done (timecard_doh) xforms-submit (timecard_doh) xforms-submit-done (timecard_co) xforms-submit (timecard_co) 8.1.9.a data binding restrictions for submit element You should see a message 'DOMActivate' appear after you click any of the submit buttons. After that you should see an 'xforms-submit' message followed by 'xforms-submit-done'. This submit is bound to a string. Submit Timecard DOMActivate (Submit Timecard) This submit is bound to a date. Submit Date Of Hire DOMActivate (Date of Hire) This sumbit is bound to a time. Submit Clock Out Time DOMActivate (Clock Out Time)