Test case for primitive XML Schema types 1999-05-31T13:20:00-05:00 1999-05-31 1999-05 1999 --09-14 ---15 --11-- Strings, strings, everywhere. true WEZvcm1zIFJ1bGVz DEADBEEF 1267.43233E12 12678967.543233 INF http://example.com/data/potato ev:event 5.1.a primitive XML Schema types All of the following datatypes MUST be supported. You should see a message for a valid entry after entering in valid data. All initial data is valid, try copying the default value, deleting it, and then pasting the correct data back into the input box. This should trigger the event. input for dateTime dateTime invalid dateTime valid input for time time invalid time valid input for date date invalid date valid input for gYearMonth gYearMonth invalid gYearMonth valid input for gYear gYear invalid gYear valid input for gMonthDay gMonthDay invalid gMonthDay valid input for gDay gDay invalid gDay valid input for gMonth gMonth invalid gMonth valid input for string string invalid string valid input for boolean boolean invalid boolean valid base64Binary Upload Value of base64Binary base64Binary invalid base64Binary valid hexBinary Upload Value of hexBinary hexBinary invalid hexBinary valid input for float float invalid float valid input for decimal decimal invalid decimal valid input for double double invalid double valid input for anyURI anyURI invalid anyURI valid input for QName QName invalid QName valid