This form is part of an experimental framework to explore different ideas for Xforms by trying them out in a realistic setting. This demo requires IE 4 or later in order to work correctly. I hope to develop a cross browser version in due course when the work stabilizes. The problem is that Navigator doesn't allow you to dynamically add rows to tables or to set the contents of span elements. A possible solution is to dynamically generate a new page and load that, possibly within a frame. Note that Navigator doesn't support group boxes, which would have to be implemented as captioned tables.

To do: Finish work on missing fields and field constraints. For instance, supplying the text for describing each missing field. This text will depend on whether the form is being presented in English, French, German etc. I need to add a date data type and to clarify how this supports the card expiry date. I need to add support for controlling the tabbing order and keyboard short cuts - as users often want to avoid the need to use the mouse. Also support for inserting or deleting rows, and trailing empty rows

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