About HTML

The WWW system uses marked up text to represent a hypertext document for transmision over the network. The hypertext markup language is an SGML format.
HTML Specification
The hypertext version of the HTML language specification. Internet drafts are generated from this version. Ed: Tim Berners-Lee and Dan Connolly
HTML+ specification
The enriched language under development. All browsers support some but not all HTML+ features. Ed: Dave Raggett <dsr@hplb.hpl.hp.com>
Style Guide
A guide to how to organize and write online hypertext. Tim Berners-Lee <timbl@info.cern.ch>
Beginner's guide
Quick start to writing HTML. Marc Andreessen. <marca@eit.com>
A file containing a variety of tags used for test purposes, and its source text . See also finding examples on the web .

For developers

Future directions
Changes suggested for HTML improvements
Japanese encoding
How Japanese characters have been encoded within HTML
Design constraints for HTML which might explain some of its properties.
A conformant parsing code library
Other specifications which might be of tangential interest are
An internet draft on a simpler non-SGML MIME data type.
A more sophisticated document type under development. Will not supercede HTML, but may be a superset.